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The Magical Forest

Did you know you can find magic in the forest?
Join Charlie as he discovers magic all around him in the forest – from construction worker bugs building a castle to tiny gnomes living in piles of leaves. Using his incredible imagination, he’s able to see all sorts of magic in seemingly ordinary places. The only problem is, his mom can’t see any of this magic!

How will Charlie spark his mom’s imagination so she can see all the wonderful magic?
Embark on an outdoor adventure with this captivating children’s book that follows Charlie as he desperately attempts to show his mom the world through his eyes – the eyes of a child with an unlimited amount of imagination. Charlie shows what it’s like to never give up with his unwavering perseverance in trying to get his mom to use her imagination.

A book that will spark the imagination and encourage some quality time with those you love.
This book will encourage caregivers to not only spend some quality time with the children in their lives, but also to slow down and appreciate the world as seen through a child’s eye –¬†full of wonder and possibility.

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