I’m a mom to two amazing little humans, a wife to a supportive husband, and a civil engineer.

Oh, and I write children’s books filled with whimsy, heart, laughter, & science!

The Magical Forest

Join Charlie on an adventurous journey, as he strives to share his boundless imagination with his mom. Through perseverance, Charlie illustrates the joy of never giving up, inspiring quality time and a renewed appreciation for the world seen through a child’s eyes—full of wonder and endless possibilities.

Meet Lauren

In Ottawa, Canada, with my husband, two kids, and our 70-pound lap dog Frankie. My journey into writing and illustrating children’s books started during maternity leave. Inspired by daily forest hikes with my son, our adventures became “The Magical Forest,” my first book! Illustrated over 14+ months, it’s a tale aimed at helping children and parents rediscover the magic of childhood.

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