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Hi, I'm Lauren!

I live in Ottawa, Canada with my husband, two young kids, and an adorable fluffy 70 pound lap dog named Frankie. My husband and I met when were 12 and we’ve been together since we were 14.

How did I get started writing and illustrating children’s books? It all started when I was on maternity leave. I used to take my son on daily hikes through the forest, sometimes as long as 10 km. It not only improved our physical health, it drastically improved our mental health as well. We would spend hours in the forest hunting for dragons and fairies. When we would get home, I would quickly photoshop some magical creatures into the photos I took of him in the forest. These photos blew his mind! This was how my first book, The Magical Forest, came to be. I started writing down the stories we would make up, and eventually, it became a full blown children’s book! I decided to illustrate it myself and before I knew it (more like 14+ months later…), I had a real  book! 

I’m so happy to share this story with the world and I hope that with the help from the story, the children (and parents) who read it can rediscover the magic that is childhood.

My Books

The Magical Forest

Maggie Bell - Coming Soon!

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